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Know the signs: What every woman should know about heart health

Dr. Jamarai DamanpreetUnitedHealthcareFebruary is American Heart Month, a good time to focus on everyone’s heart health, including learning common symptoms of a heart attack for...

How to combat social isolation

Family FeaturesSpecial to Valley NewsEven before COVID-19 limited social contact with friends, family and colleagues, many adults experienced loneliness and depression due to limited...

The effects of caffeine on the body

TEMECULA – Indulging in a morning cup of coffee is a daily ritual for millions of people across the globe. The rich, bold flavor...

Fresh herbs can reduce your reliance on sodium

TEMECULA – Salt has long been used to add flavor to people’s favorite foods. In fact, the use of salt as a means to...

Manage high cholesterol with these 5 tips

Family FeaturesSpecial to Valley NewsHigh cholesterol is one of the major controllable risk factors for coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke, but typically...

Kaiser Permanente offers tips to help keep your heart healthy and strong

February is American Heart Month PASADENA – With February recognized as American Heart Month, Kaiser Permanente Southern California reminded everyone about the importance of caring...