Fresh herbs can reduce your reliance on sodium

If it’s flavor cooks are aiming for, it’s possible to reduce reliance on sodium and increase the use of fresh herbs without sacrificing flavor. Valley News/Courtesy photo
TEMECULA – Salt has long been used to add flavor to people’s favorite foods. In fact, the use of salt as a means to preserving foods and adding flavor to recipes dates back to ancient times and has led to countless conflicts ever since.According to, wars over access to salt reserves in China are believed to have been fought as early as 6,000 B.C. Though that shows just how valuable salt has been throughout much of human history, it doesn’t indicate the negative effects that can result from diets that feature excessive amounts of sodium.The American Heart Association said that sodium plays an essential role in the human body by regulating the kidneys and helping to control the body’s fluid balance. Sodium also helps send nerve impulses and affects muscle function
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