Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Remembering the freedom of the Passover Seder

Rabbi Emily JK HoltzmanSpecial to Valley NewsBy this time last year, we still didn’t fully understand the extent to which the pandemic would affect...
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Jewish liberals should Mexicanize Passover Seders with jalapenos

Are our politically liberal Jewish friends ready to incorporate the Mexicanization of culture into their own cultural activities?Jewish holidays begin on sundown the night...

Parshat beshalach: A song of grief and relief

Rabbi Emily JK HoltzmanSpecial to Valley NewsOne of the most celebrated Jewish holidays, especially in the United States, is Passover. More than any other...

Learn from Congregation B’nai Chaim

The Passover story is based on the Exodus from Egypt. The parting of the waters with the crossing on dry land is one of the...

Congregation B’nai Chaim honors Passover from home

Murrieta’s Congregation B’nai Chaim won’t be the only building of faith closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic during Passover Thursday, April 9, a special...