Jewish liberals should Mexicanize Passover Seders with jalapenos

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Are our politically liberal Jewish friends ready to incorporate the Mexicanization of culture into their own cultural activities?Jewish holidays begin on sundown the night before, and Passover begins with a Seder that evening. A Passover Seder is not a threat to Christianity, nor is attendance at a Seder a conflict with Christian beliefs. Jesus attended at least one Seder, specifically the Last Supper. The Seder story is from the Book of Exodus, which is in Christianity’s Old Testament. The message of the Seder is that God is great and that God performs miracles. Faith-based Jews and Christians alike are supportive of a Seder.There is only one element of a Seder with which I disagree. The inclusion of bitter herbs to remind the attendees of the bitterness of slavery is appropriat
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