Issa opposes one-sided and partisan election legislation, declares H.R. 1 ‘most misleading political bill in history’

Darrell Issa
WASHINGTON – Rep. Darrell Issa, CA-50, released the following statement March 3, in opposition to House Resolution 1: “States made sweeping changes to election practices leading up to Election Day 2020, even circumventing state legislatures in favor of executive decrees and court-ordered variations. There is no dispute some of these changes were done in violation of state constitutions and state law. “Mistrust of election integrity is at an all-time high. Rather than tackling the flaws in the system that we know exist, H.R. 1 is an end-run around common sense laws and a full sprint to give Democrats an unfair and illegal advantage. If signed into law, this strictly partisan legislation will only ensure that tens of millions of Americans will lose even more confidence that our e
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