Monday, February 6, 2023
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Anza swap meet continues to provide great bargains for area residents

The long and colorful tradition of the Anza swap meet continues to treat area residents with great value and interesting choices. Held at the...

Best thrift deals for the holidays

‘Tis the season for gift giving and merriment. With presents becoming more expensive, how can gift givers find unique, creative and unexpected gifts on...

Anza swap meet attracts shoppers

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, summer heat and county health mandates, the Anza swap meet opens every Saturday for shoppers.“We are fortunate to be able...

Help Randall Hirsch declutter, shop the Anza swap meet

Randall Hirsch, who is also known as Knarley Dog, is decluttering his property and home and offering his wares for sale at the Anza...

Volunteer Frank Shaffer supervises the Anza swap meet

Volunteer Frank Shaffer can be found supervising the Anza swap meet almost every Saturday.From providing friendly advice and security, to putting out and taking...

Anza swap meet thrives during the pandemic

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the state and county health orders which closed the weekly event temporarily, the Anza swap meet is now open...

Anza swap meet vendor showcase: John and Patricia Rivera

John and Patricia Rivera’s well-stocked tables laden with collectibles, southwestern and native art, jewelry, vintage items and tools are a familiar sight at the...

Anza swap meet welcomes shoppers in 2020

Despite chilly mornings and the threat of snowstorms, the Anza swap meet welcomes residents weekly for more than a shopping experience, encouraging community fellowship.The...