Friday, September 17, 2021
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Temecula City Council authorizes bids for pavement seal of 165 streets

The Temecula City Council authorized the advertisement for bids to provide pavement seal on 165 streets. The city council’s 5-0 vote May 11 approved the...

Mary Phillips Senior Center generator added to City of Temecula capital projects

The City of Temecula added an emergency generator for the Mary Phillips Senior Center to the city’s five-year Capital Improvement Program. A 5-0 Temecula City...

Temecula Councilmember Jessica Alexander addresses accusations of racism

Temecula’s District 2 Councilwoman Jessica Alexander is speaking out against those who are calling her racist following two city council meetings where she was...

Temecula City Council calls for repaving Pauba Road and Butterfield Stage Road

Pauba Road and Butterfield Stage Road will be repaved. A 4-0 Temecula City Council vote April 27, with mayor Maryann Edwards abstaining due to the...

Temecula City Council approves landscape maintenance contracts

The April 27 meeting of the Temecula City Council included the approval of two landscape maintenance services contracts. A 5-0 vote approved an agreement with...

Temecula City Councilwoman asks, ‘When is enough, enough?’

A Temecula city council meeting April 13 has garnered attention, not only from local, regional daily papers, and national publications such as the Hill...
Julie Reeder

Colbert and national media miss the mark again

While the national news and late night talk shows are making fun of Temecula City Council again, and specifically Jessica Alexander, over a comment...
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To the Temecula City Council

To the Temecula City Council, In regards to Agenda Item 14: “Receive Presentation on the History, Current Efforts and Future Opportunities and Requirements Regarding Affordable Housing...

Temecula City Council looks to approve contract to reconstruct Margarita Recreation Center

The city of Temecula was set to approve an agreement with a contractor to reconstruct the Margarita Recreation Center at the upcoming city council...

Temecula City Council approves ad hoc committee to explore building police station

Temecula City Council held a discussion on looking into the possibility of creating a police station within the city for use by Riverside County...
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