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EMWD approves 2021 rates and charges

The Eastern Municipal Water District approved calendar year 2021 rates and charges during the Dec. 16 board meeting.The 5-0 board vote adopted rates and...

EMWD suspends late fees

The Eastern Municipal Water District has temporarily suspended late fees.Eastern’s board voted 5-0, Dec. 2, to suspend late fees. The suspension can be considered...

EVMWD given Best in Blue Award nomination

The Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District was a finalist for this year’s Huell Howser Best in Blue Award.The annual award is presented at the...

Rancho Water’s Planning and Administration Committee moves design project forward

The Planning and Administration Committee of the Rancho California Water District moved forward to the board of directors the awarding of an agreement for...

Rancho Water chooses new leadership positions for 2021

Director Carol Lee Gonzales-Brady was elected as president and Director John V. Rossi was also elected as senior vice president of the Rancho California...

EVMWD defers rate increase

The Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District postponed its planned rate increase.Due to the normal EVMWD board meeting date of the fourth Thursday of the...

Rancho Water discusses wheeling agreement, additional funding for projects

The Engineering and Operations Committee of the Rancho California Water District held a virtual meeting Thursday, Aug. 27, as well as a special meeting...
Elsinore Valley Municipal Water Disctrict

EVMWD warns customers of possible phone scams

LAKE ELSINORE – Many water customers across the Southern California region report receiving scam phone calls regarding payment of their water bills. The scammers,...

Rancho Water throws surprise parade for employee fighting cancer

Rancho California Water District employees came together Tuesday, May 19, to perform a surprise parade for a longtime district employee, John Olmos, who was...
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EVMWD is here for our customers during COVID 19

We are living in undeniably difficult times. Many people are being worn down by the lack of control, uncertainty and fear, among other things,...