EVMWD is here for our customers during COVID 19

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We are living in undeniably difficult times. Many people are being worn down by the lack of control, uncertainty and fear, among other things, that surrounds us each day as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. At Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, our staff is comprised of compassionate individuals who are working tirelessly to ease the COVID-19 crisis burden on our community.

Since the beginning of this ever-evolving situation, we have sought to make strategic, proactive decisions to protect the health and safety of both our staff and our customers. On March 16, we closed the lobby to walk-in traffic and increased options to assist our customers. This decision came several days before Gov. Gavin Newsom’s statewide order to stay at home. Customers were notified and provided with online and alternative payment options.

Recognizing that access to clean water is vital to public health, the board of directors announced early on that water shut-offs for nonpayment would be suspended. EVMWD was one of the first adopters of this policy and before the statewide order to suspend shut-offs. We know that members of our community are suffering financial hardship, and we are doing our part to ease this impact. We’ve been intentional in helping our residents most in need by offering rate assistance and payment plans to customers as needed, as well as donating bottled water to organizations like Social Work Action Group and Helping Our People of Elsinore.

Access to clean reliable water is essential every day. Water treatment is something most people never have to think about, and that’s a good thing. Our operations staff is working 24/7 to ensure the system is functioning properly and our water meets all state and federal health and safety standards.

As we face this pandemic, it is incredibly important for each of us to support our neighbors, friends, family and cities. Life is far from “normal,” but we urge you to stay safe and know that you can depend on EVMWD for clean, safe, reliable water service every day. We are thankful for the special community we serve and we will get through this together.

Andy Morris

President, Board of Directors

Greg Thomas

General Manager

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District