Eddie Murphy, off the couch, is rejuvenated by ‘Dolemite’

Eddie Murphy in 'Dolemite Is My Name.' (Netflix)
JAKE COYLE AP Film Writer TORONTO — Eddie Murphy is very fond of his couch. He talks about it a lot. It's where, according to Murphy, he's spent much of his last few years, in a happy retreat from the public eye. He's a natural homebody, content to stick close to his Los Angeles home with his family (he has 10 kids) around him. One of the funniest, most electric comedians ever — the leather-suited dynamo of "Delirious," the street-wise rebel of "Beverly Hills Cop" — just lounging. But after a decade of relative relaxation — a time of half-hearted comebacks, movies that fizzled and occasional music projects — Murphy is back. He is — and this is big news — feeling it again, decades after he last performed stand-up. "When I'm being funny, there's this spirit that comes up,
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