Tire chains a necessity for those living in mountain communities

Snow chains are a must for those who live or travel in the mountain communities. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
From people living in the mountain communities to motorists planning to drive to higher elevations to play in the snow, everyone needs to know the rules about snow chains.But this is sunny southern California! Not some snow-covered, icy, below zero Midwestern state! Why would anyone need these daunting devices?Snow chains or cables add valuable traction when traversing through snowy and icy roadways. They are usually purchased to match the tire size and come in either linked chain or steel cable designs.The California Vehicle Code, Section 605 defined tire traction devices as follows: “Tire traction devices are devices or mechanisms having a composition and design capable of improving vehicle traction, braking and cornering ability upon snow or ice-covered surfaces. Tire trac
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