Vail Pizzeria takes heart in family dining

Vail Pizzeria employee Alexis Pineda prepares a fresh pizza at the Vail Headquarters location in Temecula. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo
Laci Dontain Intern Family owned and operated since 2016, Temecula’s Vail Pizzeria, 32123 Temecula Parkway, Suite B, offers outdoor dining and carryout to those shopping in Vail Headquarters. Vail Headquarters was the “heart of Temecula” in 1867 as a cattle ranch. Due to restoration efforts and modernization, the historical area has been converted into a family-friendly shopping district, preserving its Rancho Temecula origins. Originally conceived as a branch of Pieology, a similar pizzeria, according to manager Bob Patel, Vail Pizzeria “went with its own name to fit with the homemade feel and recipes.” The family-based operation found its niche inside Vail Headquarters, Patel said. Vail Pizzeria is handling the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention safety st
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