Ravens give gifts

Ravens are extremely intelligent birds. Anza Valley Outlook/Jesse Hernandez photo
An Anza resident solved an interesting mystery that has occurred for months on her small ranch. Random pebbles and small, shiny metal objects have been found in her stock water trough, left there as gifts from ravens.Tara Butchart is known for her kindness toward her furry and feathered friends, and now some of them are returning the favor, bird fashion.“I started noticing the gifts quite some time ago,” she said. “I didn’t realize it was the ravens until recently. I even got a small one just this morning.”Butchart leaves unsalted, shelled peanuts out for the big black birds every day. Besides enjoying these treats, they also partake in some of her geese and duck feed. They began to leave interesting objects in return for the free meals.“Since I started collecti
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