Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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All about turkey vultures

The naked red heads of adult turkey vultures inspire revulsion and the memories of old Westerns where the birds pecked at dying men and...

Manage a backyard bird habitat

TEMECULA – For many nature enthusiasts, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing wildlife right in their own backyard. Providing several different types of foods...

Enjoy photographer Jesse Hernandez’s birds

Aguanga resident Jesse Hernandez is fascinated with photography and especially feathered and colorful subjects. Birds are a common theme in his work, and he...

Ravens give gifts

An Anza resident solved an interesting mystery that has occurred for months on her small ranch. Random pebbles and small, shiny metal objects have...

Identify winter birds in backyards

TEMECULA – Birds flittering around the neighborhood are a common sight during spring and summer, and these welcome guests can be enjoyable to observe...

Crows and ravens thrive in Anza Valley

Both crows and ravens are common in the Anza Valley, filling the skies and fields with their calls and antics. “Crows, ravens and magpies are...

Consider the different types of bird feeders

TEMECULA – Birds are big business. That idea may come as a surprise to people who have never given much thought to the warm-blooded...