Is your body begging for water?

While many people try to make a conscious effort to drink more on a daily basis, some fall short at the end of the day. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Christina Macone-Greene Special to Valley NewsMany individuals assume they are having hunger pangs when in fact their body is simply begging for water, according to health experts. It seems as though that rumbling feeling in the stomach can also be indicative of a “dehydration alert,” and water is what’s needed.“Severe dehydration is a medical emergency,” Joyce Berenson, a registered dietician and certified diabetes educator based in Temecula, said.For most healthy people, letting “thirst be your guide” is their general rule of thumb, but it’s always a good idea to have a bottle of water on hand. A lack of water can lead to symptoms that range from mild to severe.Generally, the first symptom of dehydration will begin with thirst. When a body loses 2% o
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