CHP enforces school bus traffic laws in Anza

This diagram illustrates when drivers must stop for school buses and when they may proceed. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Social media can be a very effective tool for educating the public on safety, laws and policies, but it can also be rife with misinformation that can spread at an alarming rate.Local law enforcement agencies continue to be concerned with misconceptions regarding the rules surrounding school bus safety being touted on local Facebook groups.“I was told by a driver that I pulled over that she heard online you didn’t have to stop for the school buses with red flashing lights and stop signs if it was on the state highway. That is false and a rumor we’d like to correct,” California Highway Patrol Officer Mike Murawski said.California Vehicle Code law says that drivers must bring their vehicle to a stop immediately before passing the school bus in either direction and shall no
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