Flock Safety cameras give law enforcement eyes in the sky

Flock Safety cameras are installed in and around Lake Elsinore. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Positioned on light posts above Lake Elsinore streets, Flock Safety cameras are helping law enforcement fight crime. There are currently 20 ALPR (Automated License Plate Reader) cameras throughout the city and various locations to capture and store digital images of vehicle license plates, color and other identifying features of vehicles that pass through the coverage area. In the first full month since installations (July 3 through Aug. 3), statistics show that 15 stolen vehicles were recovered, and 11 arrests were made. Riverside County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Jim Rayls works at the Lake Elsinore Station and said Flock Safety cameras were first purchased and utilized by RSO deputies in San Jacinto and showed great success from the start. “Sheriff Chad Bianco saw how this co
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