Kay Construction given Peck and Chestnut sewer contract

Kay Construction was given the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District contract for the EVMWD project to replace Peck Street and Chestnut Street sewer mains in Lake Elsinore. The contract was awarded at the EVMWD board meeting Thursday, Oct. 28. A 3-0 vote with Darcy Burke and Harvey Ryan absent approved the contract with Kay Construction for the Santee company’s bid of $1,600,072 and authorized $1,654,677 of appropriations which includes $46,605 for staff time and $8,000 for overhead. The downtown Lake Elsinore sewer collection system is more than 100 years old and is exhibiting structural deterioration and failures, root intrusions and frequent grease buildup issues. A sewer collection system without major issues should be cleaned once every five years, but the issues with the d
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