State Sen. Melendez didn’t endorse Rahn

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Valley News - Opinion
What do you think of a local Republican politician lying about an endorsement? Temecula Mayor Matt Rahn said, in a campaign mailer for his run for State Assembly, that he was endorsed by State Sen. Melissa Melendez. This is false. Melendez endorsed Republican Kate Sanchez for the 71st Assembly District.Rahn has other issues compromising his fitness to represent our 71st Assembly District as a Republican. Rahn, as a then registered Democrat, donated money to Democrat Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2012. He later endorsed Democrat Kamala Harris for Senate in 2016, then as a so-called Republican while on city council. When pressed about these past campaign donations and endorsements at a local GOP meeting, Rahn simply dismissed his actions as “pay to play” to further advanc
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