A traffic accident, possibly between three cars, on I-15 S, near SR 76 was reported to CHP at 4:43 am. Authorities are on the scene trying to avoid a pile-up involving more cars. It seems a car was reported that was driving slow in the #1 lane and another vehicle braked to keep from hitting it, and another car rear-ended that vehicle. CHP reports there was a vehicle facing the wrong way in the #1 lane and in the center divide.At about the same time, a car northbound I-15 hit the center divide north of Mission Rd. and was reported as undrivable.At 4:18 am there was a two-vehicle collision on I-15 S. One car is reported to be on the right-hand shoulder and the other car possibly further down the road or went over the side, down the hill. Crews are on the scene.At 4:38 am a person
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