Beagle survives rattlesnake bite

Kala the beagle survives a rattlesnake bite at a Lake Riverside Estates property Sunday, August 27. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
An inquisitive beagle got into the ultimate trouble, coming into contact with a rattlesnake, getting away with a deadly bite to her snout at a Lake Riverside Estates property Sunday, Aug. 27.Three-year-old Kala - pronounced Kaw-La - a female AKC beagle, gave her owners Phil and Robin Macomber quite a scare after pausing to investigate something stirring in the rocks."Sunday evening, after watching a beautiful sunset, the three of us were heading towards the house, and we were approaching the porch where there is a grouping of small rocks," said Robin Macomber. "Kala bent her head down toward the rocks and then she yelped, which was followed by the snake rattling. It happened so quickly. We scooped up Kala and jumped in the car and headed toward Temecula."While Phil drove, Robin
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