Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Take off your shoes and stomp a while at Callaway Winery’s annual grape stomp

One minute: that was all the time contestants had to stomp as much as they could and get every last bit of juice from...

Hundreds turn out to Peltzer Farm for pumpkins, fundraiser

The temperature cooled Saturday, Sept. 28, just enough for it to actually feel like a fall day in Temecula, and it was the perfect...

Hundreds stomp grapes at South Coast’s annual event

Stomping grapes is a messy business.For the hundreds of people that came out to participate in South Coast Winery Resort and Spa’s annual Grape...

South Coast Winery Resort and Spa announces annual Grape Stomp

TEMECULA – South Coast Winery Resort and Spa announced its annual Grape Stomp will take place in the courtyard Sunday, Sept. 15, from 5-9...