Detoxify with these 5 tips

Doctor with stethoscope
Valley News - Health
HOUSTON – As summer winds down, some people who ditched their New Year’s weight-loss resolutions may rededicate themselves to looking good.Even more important, however, is what they put in their bodies. What they eat and drink not only impacts how they look, but how they feel.And to properly set the tone for the inner body and good overall health, it’s vital to get the bad stuff – toxins – out, and to keep them out, according to Dr. Suhyun An, an expert on regenerative medicine and co-author of “Demystifying Stem Cells: A Real-Life Approach to Regenerative Medicine.”“People may want to look good, but being truly healthy on the inside is a year-round commitment,” An said. “And you need to start by detoxifying the body. Toxins can severely affect every part
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