Is your aging body sending distress signals?

Doctor with stethoscope
Valley News - Health
STAFFORD, U.K. – If people neglect their bodies, misuse them or otherwise fail to treat them with proper respect, they have an effective means of expressing their dissatisfaction.The body feels pain – in the joints, in the muscles, in the back; pretty much any place where there exists a nerve that can fire off an urgent distress signal to the brain.And as people age, those distress signals seem to become more frequent, with the simplest of movements, such as bending over to pick up a fallen object, creating anguish and instant regret.“Unfortunately, pain and aging are facts of life,” Nicky Snazell, a physiotherapist, expert in pain management and author of “The 4 Keys to Health” and other books, said. “The good news is that, ultimately, our quality of life doesn
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