Cook cucumbers? Why not!

Valley News/Adobe Stock photo
Homemade sauces for beef and pork are simple and satisfying Judith BellFood EditorSomewhere in my culinary experiences, I was taught “you can cook anything.” Add to that admonition was the caveat: how it tastes will tell you if you ever want to do that again!Thus, when I was given the opportunity to braise cucumbers, I did it and was pleasantly pleased with the result. The cucumbers must not be overcooked. Remove from the heat while still crisp-tender and you’ll likely enjoy a “new” veggie. It also is an unusual veggie to accompany delicate foods such as grilled fish and roasted chicken. Guests may seem a wee bit surprised by the cooked cucumber. Simply reassure your guests that you, too, were once a skeptic. Braised Cucumbers3 medium cucumbers 1/3 cup wate
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